Five Efficiency Mistakes To Avoid When You Use Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a highly useful accounting program that should allow your company to operate with much greater efficiency. However, some companies make big mistakes that detract significantly from the efficiency advantages offered by this special accounting program. The following are five mistakes to be aware of to make sure this helpful accounting software program saves as much time as possible at your workplace: Being unaware of all the different keyboard shortcuts you can use Read More 

As A Young Adult, Where Should You Be Putting Your Money?

Saving for retirement, paying off student loans, buying a homeā€¦ these are only some of the expenses you will start to ponder in your twenties and thirties. Which ones should you save for first, and which ones can wait until later? Read on to find out more: Retirement Plans One of the best things you can do for your future self in your twenties is to start saving for retirement. Yes, it seems like a long time away. Read More 

Hiring Tips For Restaurants

Hiring managers in the restaurant industry have a tough job. They are responsible for vetting the experience and dispositions of often entry-level workers who have a major responsibility for the success of the restaurant and the well-being of patrons. Aside from that, restaurants have some of the highest levels of turnover in any industry. So, how do you hire effectively under these circumstances? Here are some tips: Value Personality  With a job that has high turnover, it becomes more important to make sure the person is determined to stick with the job. Read More 

The Many Benefits Of Quickbooks For Small Business

Of the many accounting programs out there, Quickbooks has risen to popularity, and for good reason. Its features make it a robust but easy-to-use platform that encompasses most companies' bookkeeping needs onto one single software program. Here are some of the many benefits of Quickbooks. Bookkeeping and Reporting Rolled Into One Let's start by talking about some of the things Quickbooks can do. It is, first of all, a bookkeeping platform that allows you to record all of your company's transactions, pending and completed. Read More 

Are You A Student And Work Full-Time? Don’t Mess Up Your Taxes Or Miss Out On Money

If you are balancing working a full-time job, paying for schooling, dealing with student loans, and other financial factors, you may be doing your taxes incorrectly. If you have a lot of documents that have to be entered, you don't really understand the deductions or what you can deduct, and you are paying a lot each year on loans, it's time to talk with a tax preparation expert to see if you are doing anything wrong or if you are missing out on money. Read More