Hiring Tips For Restaurants

Hiring managers in the restaurant industry have a tough job. They are responsible for vetting the experience and dispositions of often entry-level workers who have a major responsibility for the success of the restaurant and the well-being of patrons. Aside from that, restaurants have some of the highest levels of turnover in any industry. So, how do you hire effectively under these circumstances? Here are some tips:

Value Personality 

With a job that has high turnover, it becomes more important to make sure the person is determined to stick with the job. Personality questions in interviews will help you determine people's motives and their interest level in the restaurant. More than skills, which can be taught to the right employee, a great attitude in a new employee will go a long way for retention.

Offer Training Opportunities

If you are looking at hiring as an attempt to find the right people and train them, it makes sense to offer some training and education opportunities to your employees. You could set up a timeline of what types of programs are available to staff once they have reached certain milestones within the company. Things like food service programs or online training in food safety or even management could help you attract people who wish to grow into a bigger role within your restaurant.

Devote Time to Hiring

You may be looking to backfill positions in your restaurant, which could make you approach hiring in a hurry. But when you can take time to be devoted to hiring and training, you'll find that these quality hires are better than having to continuously backfill positions you hired the wrong people for.

Outsource HR

As a restaurant, you may not be set up to provide intensive HR services. Things like employee payroll take a long time to complete, especially with high amounts of turnover. Thus, outsourcing employee payroll and HR is a smart move.

Consider Hiring a Manager

If you are a general manager of the restaurant who wears many hats, hiring may take up more of your time than you would like. But the initial stages of onboarding employees-- hiring and training-- make a big difference on the outcome. When you hire a food service management services consultant to handle the hiring and training phases of the business for you, it lets you put this workload in the hands of a specialist who can devote a little more attention to making sure you have the right staff.

They will also have a lot of experience in knowing which hires are a good idea, and how to get the most out of the onboarding stages of hiring. With the right staff, you can free yourself up to consider the more strategic aspects of your business without worrying about how stable the ship is in daily operations.