Five Efficiency Mistakes To Avoid When You Use Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a highly useful accounting program that should allow your company to operate with much greater efficiency. However, some companies make big mistakes that detract significantly from the efficiency advantages offered by this special accounting program.

The following are five mistakes to be aware of to make sure this helpful accounting software program saves as much time as possible at your workplace:

Being unaware of all the different keyboard shortcuts you can use

This software is conveniently set up with keyboard shortcuts that can allow staff members to keep your books updated with lightening speed. 

Some of the most helpful shortcuts are the create invoice shortcut, the copy check shortcut, or the delete check shortcut.

If you and your staff members aren't taking advantage of these convenient commands that can be entered in the blink of an eye, your company is wasting a lot of time on accounting tasks and not taking advantage of the full potential of the software. 

Not using the right-click menus

In addition to keyboard shortcuts, the software also offers right click menus that can quickly access certain shortcuts. Right click menus display some of the most common commands, but vary depending on what task is being carried out at the moment. 

Using a version of QuickBooks that isn't the best one for your particular business needs

There are many different versions of the software being produced now, and having the right version for your particular business is important. These different versions are adjusted for factors like the structure, size, computer operating system or unique responsibilities of different companies. 

Do your research before selecting a software version to make sure that there isn't another option out there that's better suited to your company. 

Failing to learn how to use the "QuickMath" Calculator

In many cases, using the software's "QuickMath" calculator is faster than using the basic calculator. The "QuickMath" calculator can be accessed within a particular field so that the result of any calculation will appear right in that field. This speeds up the process of entering a variety of different calculations into a column of fields. 

Not taking advantage of customization capabilities

The software can be customized by changing what appears on the icon bar. As a company, you may not use all of the functions that appear on the standard icon bar. You can pick and choose which ones you want to have appear to improve efficiency and minimize confusion when staff members are using the software.