Why You Need An Accountant When Starting Your Business

If you are looking to start a business and working with a bootstrap budget, you will no doubt be looking for areas where you can cut costs. Doing the accounting function yourself if you have no accounting background is not one of the areas you should consider. Instead, hire a small business accountant and see what an asset the accountant will be to your business. Here are some top ways a small business accountant can help during this start-up or infancy phase of your business. Read More 

3 Year-End Tax Tips For Small Business Owners

As the year starts to wrap up, it is time to make sure you have done all you can to ensure you took care of your taxes this year. You can do many things to help your financial situation in regards to your taxes this year and next with the right planning. Tip #1: Be Smart About Expenses First, you will want to examine what tax bracket your small business falls into this year and where you fall within that bracket. Read More 

4 Tax Deductions For Self-Employed Individuals

If you are one of the many individuals who found themselves pursuing self-employment or a variety of freelance jobs where you work as an independent contractor, doing your taxes is going to be a little different this year. There are different deductions you can qualify for and use on your taxes when some or all of your income comes from self-employment activities. Self-Employment Tax As a self-employed individual, you have to pay both the employee and the employer portion of your required Social Security and Medicare tax. Read More 

Starting A Business? How To Choose A Tax Year

Are you starting a business? Among the myriad other decisions you will have to make, you'll need to choose a tax year. What is a tax year? And how can you choose the right one? Here are a few questions to answer. Is a Specific Year Required? The tax year is simply the 52-week cycle that you will use to report your income and expenses for tax purposes. While most individuals use a standard calendar year, businesses often have the freedom to choose any 52-week period. Read More 

3 Major Advantages Of Utilizing Online Training For Accounting Software

If you run a small business, the accounting portion is important to master. For this, you'll need to understand how to use accounting software. This won't be difficult, if you take advantage of accounting software online training, which offers the following benefits.  Self-Paced Design As a business owner, you probably have a lot of tasks to manage each day. This can make it difficult to find the time to fit in this type of training. Read More