The Sundry Nature Of Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions

A few expense categories come to mind when tax filers first think of itemized deductions. Home mortgage interest is usually at the top of the list. Real estate tax and charitable contributions are often remembered next. Many Individuals can also claim one or more lesser known deductions referred to as miscellaneous itemized deductions. There are two categories of miscellaneous itemized deductions. One category includes a wide range of personal expenses incurred to produce current income, such as job expenses. Read More 

Deductions You Can Take As An Educator

Educators do a lot more than teach in a classroom. They fill their classroom with different displays, purchase supplies that aren't brought in by students, or paid for by the school itself, and spend a lot of time doing work outside the classroom as well. All of these extra expenses can be deducted, and although you won't be paid back dollar for dollar, you will get something back from it all. Read More 

5 Tips To Get Paid By Your Clients Sooner And Easier

Getting paid on time is key to managing your cash flow. But, it can be hard for a very small business to find the time and the skills to keep on top of their accounts receivable. If you're in this position, how can you help ensure better payment by your customers? Here are 5 tips for any business owner: Outsource Bookkeeping. Trying to do the books on your own as you grow your business can be a fool's errand. Read More 

Five Efficiency Mistakes To Avoid When You Use Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a highly useful accounting program that should allow your company to operate with much greater efficiency. However, some companies make big mistakes that detract significantly from the efficiency advantages offered by this special accounting program. The following are five mistakes to be aware of to make sure this helpful accounting software program saves as much time as possible at your workplace: Being unaware of all the different keyboard shortcuts you can use Read More 

As A Young Adult, Where Should You Be Putting Your Money?

Saving for retirement, paying off student loans, buying a homeā€¦ these are only some of the expenses you will start to ponder in your twenties and thirties. Which ones should you save for first, and which ones can wait until later? Read on to find out more: Retirement Plans One of the best things you can do for your future self in your twenties is to start saving for retirement. Yes, it seems like a long time away. Read More