Deductions You Can Take As An Educator

Educators do a lot more than teach in a classroom. They fill their classroom with different displays, purchase supplies that aren't brought in by students, or paid for by the school itself, and spend a lot of time doing work outside the classroom as well. All of these extra expenses can be deducted, and although you won't be paid back dollar for dollar, you will get something back from it all. See below for deductions you may qualify for as an educator.

Dues Or Fees

If you are in a teachers union and pay for fees to belong to this union, you may be able to deduct this expense. Also any dues for subscriptions for books or magazines used for education may also be deducted. Fees or dues for tests, background checks and other registration fees may also be deducted.

Classroom Expenses

Equipment or expenses used in the classroom may be deducted as well. Whiteboards, easels, or rugs, whistles, briefcase or rolling case, badge, lanyards (for you or your students), and other equipment used can be deducted. Other things such as tennis shoes, uniforms or laundering fees (if you are a phys-ed teacher) can be deducted as well.

Office Equipment

Other equipment you may use at your desk such as a computer, printer, chair, file folders, notebooks, paper, stapler, paper clips, pens/pencils, crayons, markers, sanitizer, tissues and other equipment may also be deducted. Party supplies, including stickers, food and other small prize-type items may also be deducted.

Travel Expenses

Any travel expenses for education may also be deducted. This includes airfare, hotel stays, parking expenses, car rental, entrance fees, tolls and passport fees (if required).

Furthering Education Expenses

The cost to further your education may also be deducted, this includes class fees, mileage, parking, seminars or books and other materials.

Other Expenses

Other expenses including costs to make copies, apps and other educational programs, business cards and any other expense used in your line of work may also be deducted. 

Be sure to save you receipts and mark what each is used for and keep track of everything to take to your accountant when you file your taxes. It's best to have the receipts and ask if you can deduct the expense, rather than make the purchases and simply eat the cost. Keep a folder with all of your education expenses and purchases so you're better organized come tax time.

Contact a service, like The Callen Accounting Group, PLLC, for more help.